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15 de gen. 2020

Catalonia in the 2019 Human Rights Report. Amnesty International.

The 2019 Human Rights Report just issued by Amnesty International includes this reference to the UN working group on arbitrary detention opinion that the Supreme Court was violating the rights of the Catalan leaders on trial. 
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"...In October the Supreme Court convicted 9 pro-independence Catalan politicians and activists of sedition and sentenced them to between 9 and 13 years for non-violent acts in connection with the 2017 referendum on independence, previously deemed illegal by Spanish courts. Four were convicted of misusing public funds. All were acquitted of rebellion. Three other politicians were convicted of and fined for public order offences. In June, the UN working group on arbitrary detention said the detention of three of the defendants during the trial violated their rights."


Also by Amnesty International Nederland :

UNDERSTANDING POLICING. A resource for human rights activists
Anneke Osse
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