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28 de gen. 2014

False Valencian quotations

There are truly crazy theories about the origin of Valencian, which was the name given, in the region, to the way the descendants of the colonists from (particularly Western) Catalonia spoke.  
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Bibliografia polítiques lingüístiques del català

  • General Països Catalans
  • Catalunya
  • Illes Balears
  • País Valencià
  • Aragó
  • Estat espanyol
  • Andorra
  • Estat francès
  • Itàlia
  • Marc internacional
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17 de gen. 2014

International press coverage of 16/1 vote in the Catalan Parliament

A very small sample of the international press coverage of yesterday's (16/1/2014) vote in the Catalan Parliament, to formally request the transfer of organization and organization of a referendum on Catalonia's independence, from central government to the Catalan authorities, adopted by 87 ayes to 43 nays and 3 abstentions.

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