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17 de juny 2020

The Supreme Court and the Catalan language (16 JUN 2020)

The Spanish Supreme Court ruled in June that "Valencian is only official in the Valencian community, when the scientific community and the Valencia language authority itself recognise it is the local name for the Catalan language. Here is an English translation of a declaration by the FOLC

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16 de juny 2020

Article by the father of Xavi Martínez, one of the 16 people killed in a terrorist attack in Barcelona, 17 AUG 2017

This is a translation of the home page of the website set up by Javier Martínez and relatives of Xavi, a 3-year-old boy killed in the terrorist attack in the Rambla, Barcelona. They clamour, up to now without success, for an official investigation of the background to the attacks, including the possible connivance of the Spanish authorities.
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6 de juny 2020

Twitter thread by David Ferrer on Catalan independence and political parties

English translation of a Twitter thread by David Ferrer (@DFerrerC) on 5 June 2020.
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"À vous, unioniste, que je vois si convaincu !", article de Paco Martínez

Une des assemblées de base de l‘Assemblea Nacional Catalana*, l’assemblée des retraités, tient le blog où depuis le 15 mars 2020 est publié l‘article en espagnol «Unionista, a ti que te veo tan convencido», dont l’auteur est un ....

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