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21 de maig 2018

20 de maig 2018

REPORT by Human Rights organisations ON THE SPANISH GOVERNMENT'S COMMUNIQUÉ (May 20 2018)

The Spanish government issued a statement today stating that the decree appointing the ministers that form the Government of the Generalitat will not be published in the Official Journal of the Generalitat de Catalunya (DOGC) and that it would study its feasibility, despite the fact that all the members of the Government enjoy their full political rights. The Spanish government retains the application of Article 155, which was to be withdrawn as soon as there was a government in Catalonia, in the total and absolute absence of legal basis.

That is why today various groups of jurists have issued the following statement:

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17 de maig 2018

"Brussels shuts the door", by Joan Queralt

Here is an English translation of an article written by Prof. Joan J. Queralt on the recently snubbed efforts by Spanish courts to have Catalan Ministers Comín, Serret and Puig extradited from Belgium. The English translation is by M.S.

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16 de maig 2018

Quim Torra's investiture speech (12 May 2018) in English

This is an unofficial English translation, by M.M. and M.S., of candidate Quim Torra's investiture speech on Saturday May 12, 2018.

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12 de maig 2018

What many Catalans find offensive (Rafael Pous)

My translation of a thread of tweets by Rafael @Pous (I hope he doesn't mind!):

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Nuria Coe: The Five Biggest Lies of Spanish Unionism

The Five Biggest Lies that Spanish Unionism uses against Catalan Independence. Article from VilaWeb. Núria Coe has offered the English translation.

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The doubts that Belgian courts convey to Llarena on the handing over of Sr. Puig and Sra. Serret

This is an English translation (I hope they don't mind!) of an article published on  http://www.ccma.cat/324/els-dubtes-que-la-justicia-belga-planteja-a-llarena-per-a-lentrega-de-puig-i-serret/noticia/2854436/.

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8 de maig 2018

Interview with former MP Mireia Boya: 'Llarena got angry and asked me if I wanted to be charged with rebellion'

A former CUP MP has told the media about her latest encounter with Supreme court judge Llarena.

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Remarks on Spain's reinforced offensive in Germany

These remarks by XSR have been translated into English.

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33 Catalan judges...

In February 2014 33 Catalan judges published a manifesto defending the legitimacy of Catalonia's right of self-determination. They were subjected to a witch-hunt, took the case to court where it was eventually dismissed.

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Enviem al diputat Mikko Kärnä 10.000 postals

En aquest post hi ha la nota de premsa en anglès, i una traducció al català, emès pel diputat finès Mikko Kärnä.

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5 de maig 2018

REPORT by Parliamentary Delegation, October 1 2017

Statement by the International Parliamentary Delegation on Catalonia’s Referendum on Self-Determination Oct. 1st 2017

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3 de maig 2018

Yellow (ribbons, tee-shirts, crosses...)

17 October 2017: L'Assemblea Nacional Catalana ha fet una crida aquest dimarts a dur un llaç groc com a gest de suport amb Jordi Sànchez i Jordi Cuixart, empresonats ahir per l'Audiència Nacional. L'entitat ho ha dit a través de Twitter, hores abans de la manifestació convocada al passeig de Gràcia amb Diagonal, a Barcelona.

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2 de maig 2018

24 "bulos" o falsas noticias entorno del proceso de independencia en Cataluña

Ha habido por lo menos 24 "bulos" o noticias sospechosas entorno del proceso de independencia en Cataluña en los últimos mesos (se dejan al lado anteriores bulos, como el falso cartel de las fiestas de Solsona, que luego se supo que había sido hecho y difundido por un unionista). 

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Institut d'ensenyament secundari "El Palau" de Sant Andreu de la Barca

There has been a particularly serious case of political persecution of Catalan teachers, for allegedly singling out the children of Spanish policemen attending the school, following the 1 October police brutality during the referendum on independence.
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1 de maig 2018

Brunswick and the Cámara de Comercio de España contract

The Chamber of Commerce of Spain hires an international campaign against the Catalan independence movement...

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