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8 de maig 2018

Interview with former MP Mireia Boya: 'Llarena got angry and asked me if I wanted to be charged with rebellion'

A former CUP MP has told the media about her latest encounter with Supreme court judge Llarena.

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Mireia Boya: 'Llarena got angry and asked me if I wanted to be charged with rebellion.'

The former CUP MP tells VilaWeb about her statement that made the Supreme court judge lose his temper.Mireia Boya, a member of the CUP secretary and former president of the parliamentary group, went to Madrid quoted by Judge Llarena in the Supreme Court. He had communicated the prosecution for a crime of disobedience in the general cause against independence. When he left the court, Boya told VilaWeb how his intervention had taken place, at his own request, which Judge Llarena had made.- Judge Llarena threatened to charge you with rebellion as well. How did that situation arise?-I talked about the bias that he and the entire criminal chamber of the Supreme have in their actions in this cause. I gave him several examples of statements that are in the indictment document. I said that it is more a sentence than an indictment. It has the form of a verdict. And I said that this shows that the sentence has already been written or dictated.-Did you make make lose his temper?-I don't know. I told him that it was very incoherent for me to register the Referendum Bill, the Transitionality Bill and the proposals for the Resolution of the Declaration of Independence and to be accused of disobedience, while the person who allowed the debate that I initiated, by presenting these bills and proposals to the register, Carme Forcadell, to be in jail facing a call for thirty years on charges of rebellion. She has been in jail for forty days. And I said that this showed that there was political intentionality and a clear bias in his actions.-And it was at this juncture that he told you he could also charge you with rebellion if you wanted ...-Yes. Llarena got angry and asked me if I wanted to be charged with rebellion. And I told him I didn't. I was saying quite the opposite. I told him that he should drop the trial because it did made no sense for Carme Forcadell to be in prison.-You went to the Supreme court just to receive the formal indictment. Did he ask you anything?-No, no ... He didn't askeme any questions. It was I that wanted to speak and I told him all this. Last time we talked very little about disobedience and then I could not understand why I was being prosecuted for that. The last time he asked me a lot about October 1, about the strategic committee... but he did not ask me about anything that could amount to a crime of disobedience. I wanted to complete the statement I had made.-Did you mean to make clear what kind of disobedience had been committed?- I explained that there had been no legal disobedience. And that is something different from political disobedience. That, in fact, it was not disobedience, but obedience to a democratic mandate of the 27-S elections.-And how did he react?-He has just got angry when I showed him his bias with the examples of Carme Forcadell and myself. And he told me that I had to speak for myself and not for the other defendants. I told him that it was a joint cause. That there were a lot of people involved. He was making differences and showing his bias. For this reason, I told him that I did not believe in this judicial process and that the real trial would be held before international bodies. And that I was longing for it with resignation in seeing  there was no justice in Spain.-What is Llarena's attitude in these sessions?-He listens... he looks fixedly. But with coldness. He just exploded when I spoke about Carme Forcadell to demand that she be freed from prison and that there was no point in holding a trial for  rebellion when there had been no violence.


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