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23 de jul. 2012

"As Spain Protests Austerity, Catalonia Pushes for Independence"

Posted July 20, 2012 by Nicholas S. Siegelthe Program Officer at the Transatlantic Academy, where he helps design and implement Academy research activities and outreach strategies. His research focuses on the US-EU.

The Transatlantic Academy is a research institution devoted to creating common approaches to the long-term challenges facing Europe and North America. The Academy does this by each year bringing together scholars, policy experts, and authors from both sides of the Atlantic and from different disciplinary perspectives (click here to read more)

17 de jul. 2012

Twitter conflict

Just like any other environment where people of all sorts meet and jostle together, Twitter allows us all to let us off steam!

The fact that some people in Spain view Catalan and Catalans critically is easy to observe and study.

The development and publication on July 8th of a Catalan-language interface for PC access to http://www.twitter.com/ gave rise to reactions of all kinds. On July 12 Global Voices printed a report by Violeta Camarasa, with juicy comments translated into English.

#twitterencatala provokes tweets of joy and hate

A website that records anti-Catalan tweets, in Spanish, is http://apuntem.cat/

A Catalan MEP, Ramon Tremosa, has complained to the European Commission about these anti-Catalan ethnic tweets, which have not been as yet percecuted by the authorities. There are precedents in other countries. UK Student Liam Stacey was sentenced to 56 days in prison in March 2012 for posting offensive comments on Twitter after footballer Fabrice Muamba had a cardiac arrest during a match:

13 de jul. 2012

The Catalan Footprint in Australia / L'Empremta Catalana a Austràlia


..."From that day, I met more than 30 people from Catalan descent in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. They kindly opened their doors and unveiled their family secrets. I am enormously grateful to every single one of them for sharing such treasures with the rest of the world." Lluïsa Vilalta, project director ...

Caga tió in Queensland

Margaret, Peter, Teresa Tapiolas, Dianne, Bruno Tapiolas, Louise, Stephen, Terese, Grant, Mary Anne and Ines kick the log with a stick every Christmas to preserve the Catalan tradition. (Photo: 1961)