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16 de des. 2018

interview with defence lawyer Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas

English translation (by M.S.) of an interview with defence lawyer Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas: 'This is utterly ludicrous'
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C C judgment (to be translated)

The Constitutional Court has declared unconstitutuonal and therefore null and void a motion adopted by the Parliament of Catalonia, reinstating the legality of all the articles of 15 laws, nearly all of a social nature, annulled by the Court as not being within the powers of the Catalan institutions.

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El jutjat 13 retira l’acusació de rebel·lió i sedició a desenes d’investigats (per traduir)

Judge Ramírez Sunyer withdraws charges of rebellion, sedition, etc. against forty Catalans involved in the self-determination referendum of October 1 2017. 
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interview with defence lawyer Gonzalo Boye

English translation (by M.S.) of an interview with defence lawyer Gonzalo Boye, who analyzes the charges laid by the Spanish prosecutor's office and the State's lawyer.
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carrasco (pendent de traducció)

pendent de traducció

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15 de des. 2018

"The problem of December 21st is not the independence movement", V. Partal

Vicent Partal (VilaWeb) reminds readers that the only violence to date has been by the Spaniush authorities, and asks them not to be fooled by fears of violence on the pro-independence side. The English translation is by M.S.

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serenor (pendent de traducció)

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Motion in Parlament de Catalunya on Electoral Commission indictees (13/12/2018)

The following motion was adopted by the Parlament de Catalunya, with 73 Ayes and 57 Noes. It displays its support for five members of the Electoral Commission set up by law in September 2017 to supervise the 1 October 2017 self-determination referendum, who have recently been indicted by the Spanish authorities.

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National Appeal to ERC

This is an English translation (by M.S.) of the Appeal issued by a group of members of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, for a re-thinking of the party's current strategy as regards independence.

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14 de des. 2018

Jordi Galves: "Cornellà isn’t like Catalonia"

How is it possible to be guilty of a hate crime against a group that does not exist?", asks Milford Edge. The author of the following article, Jordi Galves, faces charges of "hate speech"... believe it or not.
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11 de des. 2018

Human Rights Day (communiqué by Catalan Association for Civil Rights)

This post contains an English translation (by MS) of the CATALAN ASSOCIATION FOR CIVIL RIGHTS' communiqué on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (December 11 2018)

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10 de des. 2018

State Lawyers' Indictment of 18 Catalans, 2 November 2018

This post consists of an unofficial English translation of the Spanish State lawyer's* charges against two social and sixteen political leaders involved in the bid to allow Catalonia to vote to decide its political future on October 1 2017. The charges were laid on November 2 2018.
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