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22 de jul. 2017

Editorial, by Vicent Partal (VilaWeb, 21 July)

Let's understand them: they're scared

Yesterday we saw two crossed - and very significant - photographs, about the day that is clearly being set as the most important day in the recent history of Catalonia: October 1st. 

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14 de jul. 2017

TEXTS: INDEPENDENCE - Catalan Referendum Bill

This is an UNOFFICIAL translation into English of the draft Referendum bill disseminated in early July 2017. Author Mark McNaught, with Michael Strubell.
The English translation, in some places (marked in red) is not literal, but rather attempts to convey the information in a more comprehensible way. We invite the drafters to consider these alternatives.

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11 de jul. 2017

Catalanofòbia IV. 2017-2019

4t recull de frases anticatalanes / catalanfòbiques. / 4th list of anti-Catalan statements.
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10 de jul. 2017

Useful vocabulary on Catalan affairs, for English translations

Here is a list of words that keep cropping up in Catalan (and often Spanish) texts, and that need good translations into English, for obvious reasons.

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