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12 de maig 2018

What many Catalans find offensive (Rafael Pous)

My translation of a thread of tweets by Rafael @Pous (I hope he doesn't mind!):

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Source: https://twitter.com/Pous/status/995231389304983552

Spaniards who find tweets by @QuimTorraiPla offensive: he has already apologized.
We are offended by:
- Signatures against the Statute of Autonomy
- The "Go get 'em!"
- The complicit silence in the repression
- The prevaricating judges
- Votes supporting a corrupt PP
- A king who spurs on violence
- The Valley of the Fallen
- The Francisco Franco Foundation
- The unconstitutional  article 155 measures - Slander against school teachers - 40 years of fiscal deficit
- A State that ignores the UN
- Street violence in support of ESP
- [Condemned] Blanquerna agrressors at home

- Our politicians in jail
- Urdangarin in Switzerland
- Our exiled politicians
- The imam of Ripoll, a CNI [secret police service] informer
- Major Trapero (police chief) sacked
- Our [foreign] delegations closed
- Our [the Catalan government's] finances taken over
- Rifles in the streets of Murcia
- Singers in jail
- Banned books and exhibitions
- Continuous attacks on our language
- The boycott of the Mediterranean corridor
- Calls for SEAT to leave
- The lie of the 3,000 companies [that have left Catalonia]
- The illegal GPS tracker planted in Puigdemont's car
- The international ridicule of the EAWs
- The violation of political rights in the Parliament
- Threats to Torrent's children
- Medals to those who beat us up
- The anonymous dead [still] in ditches
- The huge lie of "in the absence of violence you can talk about everything"
- The accusations of Nazism and supremacism
- The illegal repression of the right to self-determination

- The refusal to acknowledge the results of the 21D election

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