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28 de gen. 2014

False Valencian quotations

There are truly crazy theories about the origin of Valencian, which was the name given, in the region, to the way the descendants of the colonists from (particularly Western) Catalonia spoke.  
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One aspect of the strategy of defenders of this theory (some of whom actually admit not even being able to speak the language) is their claim that Catalans interfere from outside.

In this particular image the exact issue of the 19th century literary, artistic and cultural magazine "L'Avenç" is cited, and the words of three Catalans (one of whose names is wrongly written, and in fact wrote nothing in this particular issue, being 22 years old at the time) are purportedly quoted. 
Readers are invited to find, in this issue, any text at all signed by Pompeu Fabra, Jaume Massó and Joaquim Casas, and far less the words in inverted commas. You can read the whole issue in scanned form, thanks to the magnificent work of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans. 

The following text (or very similar versions), is liberally strewn in websites and blogs across the web.

"Pompeu Fabra, ingeniero nacido en Barcelona, ya decía en 1891: “Una ortografía común para catalán, valenciano y mallorquín es contra natura” ( L’Avenç 31/3/1891)". Here is a small sample:

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