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26 de març 2019

By Joan-Pere Le Bihan: Setting a trap for the State without anyone realising? (19/3/2019)

Here is an English translation (by M.S.) of an article by Joan-Pere Le Bihan: "Setting a trap for the State without anyone realising?". Original title: "Parar una trampa a l’Estat i que ningú ho sàpiga?" I hope @unilateralcat and @lebihanrullan don't mind.
Click here if need be to access the whole text.

Original: http://unilateral.cat/2019/03/19/parar-una-trampa-a-lestat-i-que-ningu-ho-sapiga/

Setting a trap for the State without anyone realising?

By Joan-Pere Le Bihan
March 19, 2019

Sr. Josep Ramoneda tells us in his Ara column that President Puigdemont (without naming him) and his government knew that "at no moment was there the necessary coercive capability to carry out institutional control of the territory and none of those who fed the fiction can claim ignorance" (after Major Trapero's testimony). At first glance this statement may seem logical. But let's look at it more closely.
  •  During all these days of trial it has been shown that, indeed, no effective legal measure was taken to declare the Republic in a real, legal way; and specifically:
  •  The proclamation was not voted in the chamber, it was signed in another room with a document without legal value. The president, the signatories and all of us knew this (we saw it on TV). Those who accuse the Government of "rebellion and sedition" could also know it, but they did not see it.
  •  As witnesses are examined it is proved that these accusations have no basis (this is what causes the prosecution to be so nervous).
  •  We came to the conclusion that all the members of the Government were clear that at no time did they think of skipping the legality of the 1978 regime... but that they wanted to pretend to do so.
So far Mr. Ramoneda is right.

The trial, however, shows that the State has fallen into the democratic trap that the political prisoners laid it:
  •  If everyone knew they would not control borders and airports, they knew independence would not be effective.
  •  We can veach the conclusion that our Government deceived us, that is, it deceived the people of Catalonia by making them believe that it would proclaim the Republic effectively without even having the option of doing so. (That is why it took the necessary precautions so that the proclamations would not have legal value).
What had to be done then?
  •  Given this situation of practical impossibility of moving forward (which Trapero highlighted in front of the judge), to give up the objective and to the mandates of the polls, returning to the castrated autonomy that is proposed to us?
  •  Or to make the the government of Spain and its voters, as well as the international community, believe that the Catalan Republic was about to be proclaimed?
It seems that the government of Rt. Hon. President Puigdemont chose the second option.

Had it tried (knowing the constitutional loyalty of Major Trapero) to make the Republic effective, it would have crashed and we with it: now the prosecution would have all the necessary evidence to justify a great repression before Europe and the international community (without thinking of what effect the arrest of the Government at the hands of our own police force had resulted).

If it had resigned, we would have called our government traitors (this time with good reason) and demoralization would have gnawed away at the independence movement. Therefore, perhaps it really had act as if...
Maybe they might have deceived us, they deceived me... But could the State be misled without deceiving all public opinion at the same time? It seems obvious that it couldn't.

President Puigdemont chose the only possible route: to make one where there was none, to keep up the tension with the State, without having proclaimed independence "with the coercive capacity" that would have justified the accusations of rebellion.

Some of us may feel deceived, but the most deceived of all is the State with its prosecution (and its accomplice Vox), that sees that rebellion is a cardboad accusation that leaves them naked before the international legal community in a situation from which no longer know how to get out.

This is a war, a war without firearms, but with tactics and strategies. When you have no military force at your fingertips to defend and control the territory, cleverness is your best weapon. Maybe the government deceived us, just as a general often deceives his own troops when he makes a distracting manoeuvre. A government does not reveal the identity of its spies, or its tactics to deceive the enemy...

Without these manoeuvres the State would not be facing the worst crisis since 1978, it would not be making a judicial fool of itself before the international community, and above all it would not be showing the world its deep nature: the Francoist inheritance, whatever the name of the tenant of the Moncloa is.

Let no one take advantage of this necessary lie to tarnish the image of our legitimate president and that of his Government. Whoever does this will hurt us all.

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