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15 de març 2019

"Zero Catalan Surnames", by Xavier Diez

"The independence of Catalonia is not a question of nationalism, but democracy"
"Zero Catalan Surnames", by Xavier Diez. Translation: Foreign Friends of Catalonia
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"Catalonia and the United States: Two Lockean Revolutions 240 Years Apart"
21 Abril 2015 by Oriol Vidal-Aparicio

"...The United States declared independence by primarily invoking the political philosophy of John Locke, especially the idea that governments are legitimate only insofar as they fulfill the purpose for which they were established by the governed. Almost 240 years later, the process that is underway in Catalonia announces a new era where independence movements will go back to using Lockean political principles, after a 20th century when the general trend was instead to justify independence processes putting an emphasis on the classical principles of nationalism, primarily based on identity and cultural homogeneity..."
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