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16 de març 2019

Koldo Pereda: "Why Puigdemont is standing in European Elections"

Here is an English translation (by MS) of a fascinating analysis of why President Puigdemont is standing for election to the European Parliament in May. I hope @KoldoPereda doesn't mind.
Click here if need be to access the whole text
Source: Thread beginning with this tweet: https://twitter.com/KoldoPereda/status/1106638516728012800?s=19

Only a genius could have thought of this.

Dear friend B.D., 

Several weeks ago you asked me about the lawsuit [presented in Belgium by president Puidemont] against [Supreme Court judge] Llarena. I attached no importance to it. A civil suit (slow lane) in a criminal case (fast lane) might seem senseless to any lawyer.

(2) The great Vicent Partal asked himself earlier this week: what's the point of the Rt. Hon. President Puigdemont standing at the European elections for Spain, if he could stand in any other country?

(3) The key lies in his fundamental rights as a candidate. The fact that he can't enter Spain, to run his campaign, because of a Spanish arrest warrant without there being a EAW (an unheard-of situation in European law) plus taking a member State (Spain) to court ...  

(4) ... forces Llarena to make a move. And if Llarena does not make a move, this will force the Belgian judge to refer the matter to the CJEU and to do so urgently (due to the effective timeline for the start of the campaign) (Key to the lobby on the 100th floor)[*].

(5) In this situation the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court are also affected.
The question is: When does the European campaign begin?

PS: This can only have been planned several months ago.


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