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26 d’abr. 2019

By Benet Salellas: Violation of Fundamental Rights in Europe: The Catalan Trial as a Case Study

I recommend this detailed summary, in English, of the legal arguments presented by defence counsel Benet Salellas.
Click here if need be to access the whole text


"The question of independence may be more or less important for us. We might even be totally against it but this is not the issue we wish to draw attention to here.
The precision and excellence of the legal arguments presented by Benet Salellas, lawyer for one of the accused in the trial—Jordi Cuixart—provides a clear example of the dangers presently threatening human rights in Spain and Europe.
Unlike the others accused (him and all of them in jail since almost 2 years, before been convicted), his client has NEVER been a politician. He is a businessman and..."

"We have transcribed and subtitled part of Salellas’ defence statement because what is happening in Catalonia is not a problem of Catalonia but a problem of Europe and the democratic principles on which it is supposed to be founded...."


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