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19 d’abr. 2019

By Aamer Anwar: 'Spain has laid you a trap'

In an interview with Aamer Anwar, Catalan Minister Clara Ponsatí's lawyer, says that 'Spain has laid you a trap''. Here is the link to an English translation of the interview (September 2018).
Click here if need be to access the whole text

 Original text: https://www.vilaweb.cat/noticies/aaamer-anwar-espanya-us-ha-parat-una-trampa/

Aamer Anwar: 'Spain has laid you a trap'

Interview with Minister Clara Ponsatí's lawyer
Josep Casulleras Nualart 17.09.2018

One of the images that the massive rally on September 11 left us with was that of Aamer Anwar raising his fist and saying to the crowd: ‘You will never walk alone!’ Anwar delivered one of the most powerful speeches of the Diada (Catalonia’s National Day). Catalan minister Clara Ponsatí’s Scottish lawyer has achieved enormous popularity, as have other colleagues of his that have managed to bring the repressive machinery of Spanish justice up against the common sense that some European judges have applied. This is a case of political persecution, says Anwar, and that is why it must be fought both legally and politically. If everything is left in the hands of legal proceedings we will be lost, he adds. And he asks Catalan politicians to make courageous decisions. Otherwise Spain will achieve what it intends for us: that we wait, and wait, and wait…

Please read the whole interview in English (VilaWeb):


See also the full text of his 11 September speech before almost a million Catalans in Barcelona: https://estudiscatalans.blogspot.com/2018/09/aamer-anwar-speech-to-catalonia-diada.html

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