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31 d’oct. 2019

Student Manifesto (OCT 2019)

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We are a generation with no future. The generation of insecurity. The one with no access to housing, the one which is victim to a system that threatens the very existence of our planet. The generation whose most basic social and labour rights have been stolen from it. The one which accompanied its grandmothers to vote on 1 October [2017]. The one which has seen the Mediterranean Sea become a cemetery and which will have a worse standard of living than its parents. The one which has seen how, day after day, men murder grandmothers and mothers, female colleagues and friends. The generation which has seen the Supreme Court pass judgement on its civil and political rights.

But we are also the generation of 14 October. The one which has said “Enough is enough”. The one which demands accountability from its political representatives in order to guarantee a decent future. The one which will not tolerate 100 years of prison for exercising its rights. The one which will bring the world to a standstill until full equality between men and women is guaranteed. The one which will not stop until it manages to reverse climate change. That is who we are.

For the last 17 days, and despite the unprecedented criminalisation to which we have been subjected, we have not retreated a single step. But the State has responded with more VIOLENCE. More REPRESSION:
- Forty-eight political prisoners
- More than 200 detainees
- Three migrants in expulsion proceedings
- More than 600 people injured, four of whom have lost the vision of an eye.
That is why, assembled together, we have decided to take a stand, calling on young people from across the country to occupy and camp out at Plaça de la Universitat, with the following DEMANDS:
One — The repression against the members of a generation which has taken to the streets to defend its rights and freedoms must be stopped immediately, and the Spanish National Police and Civil Guard, as well as the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan police force], must be investigated and held to account.
Two — The President of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sánchez, must condemn the repression and police violence, and, assuming the same responsibility demanded of us, must agree to sit down and negotiate a referendum for self-determination through which citizens’ voices can be heard.
Three — A full amnesty of political prisoners must be guaranteed.
Four — The civil and political rights that have been violated and questioned by the judgement of the Supreme Court must be guaranteed.
Five — Our generation must be guaranteed a decent future: access to social housing, full equality between men and women, the adoption of real measures to address the climate emergency and the guarantee of the social rights which have been stolen from us.
Meanwhile, we would like to thank youth collectives from across the Spanish State for the heartfelt solidarity they have shown in recent weeks and we call on them to occupy their squares in order to achieve the above demands, which we are convinced they share with us.
30 October 2019, Plaça Universitat, Barcelona


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