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6 de set. 2017

8 Demonstration

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Some have tried to link the whole independence movement with the position of the CUP, who as soon as it was announced that the King and the Spanish Government would attend the demonstration (the King, the first Head of State to do so), joined with 170 organisations associated with justice and peace movements in complaining. In the event, "NO TINC POR" (I'm not afraid) led the whole demonstration, held by Catalan and local policemen, doctors and nurses, taxi drivers, firemen and others who were the first on the scene to help the victims and their families.
‘Royal Spanish expedition into hostile and majority republican territory’

The Spanish press were keen to associate cries against the King and the Spanish Government (some of whose good friends, in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, are widely considered to be funding ISIS) with the independence movement. To be sure, Omnium and the ANC were two of the 170 organisations, though not the originators of the idea: but their activity on the day consisted of distributing banners, not jeering.

As to the issue of the flags, see http://estudiscatalans.blogspot.com/2017/09/17a-9-flags.html 

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