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6 de set. 2017

2 Summary

A thread of recent tweets I have posted summarise the issue (I have grouped together the last seven):

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...strategy of smearing the Catalan police force, the @mossos, after successfully dismantling the yihadist terrorist group. All the Spanish press claims, following @elperiodico's lead, that the @mossos failed to heed a CIA May terrorist threat warning. Even @JulianAssange has laughed off a reproduced US warning (not from the CIA) as a manipulation. This warning was shared with the Spanish police (who later said they had no specific warning beforehand) and both agreed it had zero credibility. All this is irrelevant, for the terrorists, after losing their leader in the accidental explosion in #Alcanar, had improvised a B plan. But all the Madrid press has followed @elperiodico's lead in smearing the Catalan police, as if the attacks could have been prevented. The Catalan police have complained bitterly about Spain denying them access to #Europol, retaining information and blocking recruitment.

For those that read Catalan, here is a good summary:  
La guerra bruta com una operació d'Estat,
by José Antich

See this article in Spanish, by Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte, published on 25 August.
I have translated the heading:
"The manipulating machine does not respect either the Mossos or the Barcelona dead".
25 ago 2017 01:23

Another one, which talks about a "nube tóxica" - a toxic cloud - was published on September 1:  
Nube tóxica tras la "exclusiva" de El Periódico, by Rosa María Arta. ("Toxic cloud after the El Periódico 'scoop'"). The news is that a newspaper presents a falsified document, without stating this, to call into doubt the Catalan police. It says they received information about the La Rambla attack, suggesting that they ignored it. What is enormously relevant is that the media make the content of what has been published newsworthy. It is not something that easily happens with exclusive scoops from other media. What is clamorous is that there has not been a massive reaction by journalism to facts of such gravity, except for the FAPE that supports El Periódico and considers the "attacks" suffered as "intolerable"...

There are those have have "speculated" (in the author's words), since September 2016, that a terrorist attack in Catalonia would justify an armed intervention to stop the independence process in its tracks.The claim that this might have been a false flag attack is very severe. The articles are very well documented.

1. https://elrobotpescador.com/2016/09/19/estan-preparando-un-atentado-de-falsa-bandera-en-barcelona/
2. https://elrobotpescador.com/2017/08/21/es-posible-un-segundo-atentado-de-falsa-bandera-en-cataluna/
3. https://elrobotpescador.com/2017/08/30/asi-podria-ser-la-operacion-de-falsa-bandera-para-destruir-el-proceso-independentista-catalan/

See this article by Benjamin Paret published four months later, on Dec 19, 2017

Time to demand explanations for the Barcelona Terrorist Attacks. 

More recently: 
Los terroristas del 17-A tenían documentos de la Policía sobre cómo fabricar explosivos

Los Mossos encuentran en el móvil de Yousef Aalla una orden interna que explica cómo elaborar 'la madre de Satán'

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