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2 de març 2020

Article by M.J. Hierro which includes reactions to the Catalan pro-independence movement.

Here is an extract of an article in English by Ma. José Hierro on Regional and National Identities in Spain, which mentions reactions to the Catalan pro-independence movement.
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"...The discrediting of the Estado de las Autonomías manifested differently in Catalonia and other parts of Spain. The ruling of the Constitutional Court had made clear that the Estado de las Autonomias was a dead end for the regional leaders' ambitions to push further self-government and self-determination. Between 2005 and 2012, the percentage of people who positively assessed the Estado de las Autonomias dropped from 52 per cent to 12 per cent (CIS, study numbers 2610 and 2956)*. In the rest of Spain, public opinion turned towards recentralization (Liñieira 2014). The attitudinal change could be explained by the generalization of a narrative that emphasized the need to correct the dysfunctions of the Estado de las Autonomías, and a narrative that linked corruption scandals to regional governments and regional institutions, even if corruption affected all levels of goverment and institutions. However, first and foremost, the attitudinal change could be seen as a reaction against the Catalan pro-independence movement..."

Ma. José Hierro (2020), "Regional and National Identities in Spain", in Diego Muro, Ignacio Lago (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Spanish Politics, pp. 494-510.

* 2610 (2005): http://www.cis.es/cis/opencm/ES/2_bancodatos/estudios/listaCuestionarios.jsp?estudio=5338

* 2956 (2012): http://www.cis.es/cis/opencms/ES/12_NotasInvestigacion/Investigaciones/2015/NotaInvestigacion0012.html

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