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25 d’ag. 2017


Omnium reports that Spain's dirty war has not even stopped "after a tragedy"
The organizacion "Call for Democracy" has brought together a number of news ítems from the Spanish media attacking Catalonia and taking advantage of the attacks to stop the referendum
08/25/2017 at 11: 36h
The campaign Call for Democracy, which is Omnium Cultural's, has denounced through a video posted on social networks Spain's dirty war after the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks, pointing out that it has not even stopped "after a tragedy".
In the images, they point out how some media in Madrid have taken advantage of the Barcelona and Cambrils attacks to "slow down the referendum".
Among the news items included are the editorial and cartoon of El País and the editorial of El Mundo, as well as the alleged relationship between the Spanish Foreign Legion and the Catalan policeman that shot dead four terrorists in Cambrils, which was shown to be false. Also the false news that Younes Abouyaaqoub was a referendum volunteer or the intoxication produced by claiming Belgium that warned the Catalan police, the Mossos, about how dangerous the imam of Ripoll was.
Finally, they say they have put the citizenry at risk by "boycotting the Mossos", blocking the recruiting of new police officers, as well as blocking the access of the Catalan police to Europol. The video rams home that "they are doing everything they can to stop democracy".

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"Además de este viaje se pagaron 19 viajes a Barcelona y uno a Lleida durante la supuesta Operación Cataluña contra el soberanismo. Junto a estos también se pagó un viaje a Ginebra (Suiza) en diciembre de 2014. poco después se publicó la noticia falsa de la existencia en Suiza de una cuenta bancaria de Xavier Trias, alcalde de Barcelona de CiU."


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