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22 de des. 2019

Prosecutor's press communiqué after arresting 9 Catalans on 23 September 2019

This is an English translation of the National Court prosecutor's press communiqué after arresting nine Catalans on 23 September 2019. There have been widespread protests and several have since been released.
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Prosecutor of the National Court of Justice


   Within the framework of an investigation led by the judge of the Central Court of Instruction No. 6, the Office of the National Court and the Civil Guard have carried out an operation in the Autonomous Community of Catalonia aimed at clarifying alleged criminal activities, planned and executed by members of the Defense Committees of the Republic (CDR). 
    So far, 9 arrests have been made and 10 searches have been made to locate and, where appropriate, gather evidence that demonstrate the advanced degree of preparation of their terrorist projects for secessionist purposes. 
   During the aforementioned searches, it has been possible to seize abundant documentation and computer material for study and analysis. In addition, it has located material and substances, considered precursors for the manufacture of explosives, susceptible (pending confirmation by specialists) of being used in the manufacture of explosive devices and of being used against targets selected by a group of CDR militants.
    Given the certainty that the actions were to be carried out taking advantage of the period between the anniversary of the illegal self-determination referendum of 1 0ctober 2017 and the announcement of the judgment of the trial of the "process", it has been decided to proceed to the arrest of those involved, to abort the project that could have caused irreparable damage due to the progress of their preparations.
      They are charged with crimes of rebellion, terrorism and possession of explosives.  
     The investigation is under summary secrecy and the operation is still open, and further arrests are not discarded.
     Madrid, September 23, 2019 

Prosecutor of the National Court of Justice.



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