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24 de març 2018

It could be foreseen / Era previsible / Vicenç Villatoro (ENGLISH)

This is an English translation by M. Strubell of an article by Vicenç Villatoro, in Ara, on March 11 2018. Original: https://m.ara.cat/opinio/marc-previsible_0_1976202411.html
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“It could be foreseen”

10/03/2018 | 18:1511
It could be foreseen that Judge Llarena would not let Jordi Sanchez out of prison for his investiture. It could be foreseen that the State would react violently against the referendum on the first of October. It could be foreseen that the crime of rebellion would be applied and that this would lead to dozens of people, entities and companies being indicted, and that it would cause preventive prison for many months. It could be foreseen that they would leak to the media conversations, statements in court and even rulings before being written ... I am worried that by saying that all these things could be foreseen, we may come to think that they are normal (and even correct). And, by saying that they could be foreseen, the burden of guilt is put, for things that were manifestly incorrect, on the pro-sovereignty side: if all this was foreseeable, the fault is yours not to have foreseen it. To be sure, they were reactions that could be feared, as you always have to fear - for just in case - the most unfavorable hypotheses. But in no case should you consider that these reactions are normal, logical and forseeable, in a State that is presented as democratic. Having created the (gradual) conditions in which what is wrong is considered foreseeable is its victory.

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