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24 de març 2018

Article by María José Pintor Sánchez-Ocaña

This is an article, translated into English by M. Strubell, which, if Ms. Pintor wants, will be removed, amended or replaced.


The Editor's say

The absurdity of Justice: Not in my name

As a Spanish and a constitutionalist, I expected to be in the group of the good guys, of reason, of coherence. I was wrong.

By María José Pintor Sánchez-Ocaña - 23/3/2018

I neither understand nor share the sovereignty thesis of the separatists. Maybe that's why, as a universal, constitutionalist and Spanish citizen from Bilbao, I expected much more of my institutions. The absurdity of justice in Spain - a government puppet that has got out of hand and that does not know how to stop this - has today overwhelmed the glass of reasonability with the prosecution of Junqueras, Turull and Puigdemont on grounds of rebellion.

I have openly criticized Puigdemont for not coming forward and fleeing, compared to the courage of Junqueras, yet I understand today that it is impossible to ask for so much sacrifice from anyone, no matter how firm their convictions.

That is why I understand better the leader of Junts per Catalunya and, above all, I share Marta Rovira's reasons in her farewell letter - I do not know if it was written before or after fleeing from Spain and leaving the Supreme Court in the lurch - especially when it refers to the most family-linked, personal facet, when she mentions her daughter.

In whose name do the Government and the Supreme court dare to go so far against the pro-independence leaders - who are as pro-sovereignty as they are peaceful - without a blush? Not in my name, to be sure.

I am ashamed of tboae who use force instead of reason and more than ever I share the universal sentence of Unamuno to Millán Astray*: "You will win but you will not convince".

How am I to explain to my daughter, who is growing up believing in values, in our country and our institutions, that in Spain ideas take people to prison, to exile, to prison sentences harsher than what a woman might get for killing a minor.

How am I to defend the constitutional framework, which is mine, when people tried and convicted of corruption, money laundering and other barbarities are still free - for instance, Urdangarin - compared to those who peacefully (though I believe mistakenly) declare, support or vote for an independence process, and that can be sent to jail without having gone on trial?

Not in my name, I repeat. Not in mine and that of thousands of citizens who want to refute the ideas of Junqueras and the other pro-independence leaders by looking them in the face, in mutual freedom and without having to be ashamed of our institutions.

In my name, I apologize for so much injustice, unnecessary suffering and for some deeds of a Government that respects neither the separation of powers nor the rules of democracy.

Not in my name. How shameful!

* Said by the Chancellor of Salamanca University to one of the rebel generals, early in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

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