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1 d’oct. 2015


Dear Herr Frankenberger (Frankfurter Allgemeine):

I have just read a translation of the article "Die Schwaben Spanien pokern hoch" published in  your newspaper by Leo Wieland, Katalonien: Die Schwaben Spaniens pokern hoch.

I am deeply dismayed by the impression that the readers of your newspaper will have obtained after reading the contents of the article, which to me seems to have been written by the propaganda department of the Spanish government. The bias is total, all opinions are one-sided, the information is partial. The reference to the financial situation of the pension system makes me laugh. And the superficial treatment of the future position of Catalonia inside Europe ignores the enormous pressure on Spain to sit down and negotiate in good faith. This pressure comes, of course, mainly from the Spanish governbment's vast sovereign debt, very little if any of which is attributable to public overspending in Catalonia.

Those who are planning Catalonia's passage to a fully sovereign state which can take its own political decisions and invest in its own future have designed the transition to the last detail. Only a small proportion of Catalonia's trade with Spain is in the form of consumer products that might be subjected to a boycott in some Spanish nationalist circles. No Catalan wants Catalonia to be anything other than Spain's best neighbour. Many of the statements quoted in Herr Wieland's article formed part of the campaign of fear organised by Madrid. Not a single response is mentioned. Not a single reason is given to explain the reason for the extraordinary fact: virtually half the population wants to leave a country which is fully respected in international circles.

I honestly believe your readers deserve a balanced picture of the news in Catalonia.

I humbly apologize for not being able to write this letter in your language.

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