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31 d’oct. 2015

"The Case of Catalonia". ONU, 1945.

Mr. Ban Ki-moon can hardly be blamed for not being aware of this anguished Appeal. 

THE CASE of CATALONIA. APPEAL to the UNITED NATIONS at the INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION CONFERENCE, San Francisco, California, April, 1945*.  Catalan National Council (United States Delegation)

Sadly, its requests are as valid today as they were 70 years ago. 

" [Catalonia] requests from the United Nations:

a) — THAT her delayed case of national liberation be, from this moment, scheduled as one needing immediate solution.

b) — THAT her case for self-government be filed for immediate solution under the principles and the clauses of the Atlantic Charter, independently of any regional solution contemplated for Spain.

c) — THAT her position in the political organization of Spain be decided by herself, through plebiscite of the Catalan nationals, after recognition of her status as a nation.

d) — THAT any further disagreement or dispute between Catalonia and Spain be submitted for hearing before the United Nations Council or the International Court of Justice on its behalf.

 Two months after this Appeal Mr. Ban Ki-Moon's family was to celebrate his first birthday!

See the full text of the 1945 Appeal here: http://estudiscatalans.blogspot.com/2017/08/appeal-to-united-nations-1945.html

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