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5 d’abr. 2017

The current limitations of machine translators can be visualised in this text...

The current limitations of machine translators can be visualised in this text, which Esther Vives Oriol, "Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca, Antropología, Graduate Student" has uploaded onto the www.academia.edu data base.

Unfortunately the - probably highly documented - Bibliographic references section is missing at the end of the text, perhaps because it did not have to be translated.

1- The Catalan independent are racists, they think on themselves as a “superior race” and always talk lousy on the Spaniards whom they consider an “inferior race”, they always say that the Spaniards are moronic, blunderer, stupid, dirty.
2- The Catalan independent are imperialistic, they want to invade Valencia and Mallorca once they have stolen Catalonia to all the Spaniards, despite the fact that most people of Valencia and Mallorca hate the Catalan independent and don’t want to be related with them at all.
3- The Catalan independentists are not democratic as they don’t respect the Spanish Constitution of 1978 that says Catalonia belongs to ALL the Spaniards. The Catalan Independent are not democratic as they don’t allow the Vall De Aran, a Catalan county close to the French border populated since ever by Gascons and not by Catalans, to decide if they want to stay in Spain as they want to. The Catalan independent are not democratic as they prosecute the Spanish minority that lives in Catalonia and don’t respect the right of this minority to live there and to keep their own Spanish language.
4- The Catalan independent are fanatical, irrational people with whom it is impossible to deal or to talk, as they only say, as madmen, once and once again in an obsessive way that they want to be an independent country, they want to be an independent country, they want to be an independent country and it is impossible to reason with them, as it happens with all the fanatical. The Catalan independent are so nationalistic fanatical as the Nazi Germans were in the 30’s, the Catalan independent talk on Catalonia as their goddess which they adore fanatically and they say they are eager to kill and die for their goddess Catalonia, as the Nazi Germans said in the 30’s on Germany.
5- The Catalan independent are half-nazis by their use of the Goebbels tactics of massive propaganda to manipulate the Catalan people, to brainwash their children at their schools, teaching them to hate Spain, to lie the Catalan people by their television, TV 3, which they control absolutely and by the way they manipulate the History of Catalonia to delude and corrupt the good, honest Catalans. The Catalan independent are half-nazis because they use the Spaniards as their scape goat, the same way the German Nazis did with the Jews, the Catalan independent say that the Spaniards are the culprits of all the evils of Catalonia and they teach their children to hate Spain the same way the Palestinian mothers of Gazah teach their children to hate Israel.
6- The Catalan independent are very liars, telling the World that they suffer the tyranny of Spain, when Spain is since 1978 a democratic country with a democratic Constitution that respects the right of the Catalans to keep their own political institutions, their own Catalan language, their own culture and lifestyle. The Catalan independent tell to the World a lot of lies on the History of Catalonia, they live on the past, on the year 1714 when the killer king Felipe V, a French Bourbon who didn’t speak Spanish but only French, killed and destroyed a lot of Spaniards who were against him, among them many Catalans. The Catalan Independent still live in the year 1714 and renounce to live on our time, in 2014, when the situation in the World, in Europe and in Spain is very different from 1714.
300 years have gone but the Catalan independent insist on living as we were in the year 1714. The Catalan independent don’t tell to the World that Catalonia belongs to Spain since thousands of years ago and that at the IX century a.d. this territory was invaded by the Franks who changed its name for Catalonia and brought a new language called Catalan inspired by the Provenzal language spoken in Southern France. Most of the current Catalan independentists are descendants of those Franks invaders and they have always hated Spain and the Spaniards. Catalonia is the product of an invasion of the Franks 1100 years ago but this territory has always been Spanish since thousands of years ago before the invasion of the Franks. Because it, the History of Catalonia has nothing to do with the History of Ireland or Scotland, which are since ever Celt countries invaded by the Anglo-Saxons.
7- The Catalan independent think they are the masters of Catalonia, they think Catalonia belongs to them as their property, they want to become the rulers of an Independent Catalonia to make money using the gullible, decent Catalans for the Catalan independet business to make money and grafting the Catalan independentists and their friends into the good positions at the government, public administration and industries. The Catalan independent don’t want a better, richer Catalonia but what they really want is to control Catalonia to make money as Jordi Pujol did.
8- The Catalan independent use the “castellers” or human towers they build by human force, as a propaganda to the World on how much a “superior race” they are as they are the only ones able to build such human towers, but they don’t explain to the World that they put at risk the lives of their children when they force their own children to climb those human towers to an height of about 5 meters and then to fall free from there to the floor with great risk to their lives. The Catalan independent are such a monsters that they put at risk the lives of their children just to demonstrate to the World that they are a “ superior race”, a race of monsters indeed.
9- France is an absolute enemy of the independence of Catalonia as the Catalan independent want to invade three counties of Southern France (Perpignan, Vallespir and Capcir) as they claim them as Catalans.
10- The European Union citizens shouldn’t be fooled by the fact that most Catalan independentists are excellent at sports, arts or science, as they are also very false, treacherous people who don’t want to live in Catalonia but in the United States or in Germany or elsewhere to make more money there or to live better at other countries.
You shouldn’t believe the Catalan independent propaganda when they show their best men at sports, arts or science, as most of them live in the United States and don’t want to live in Catalonia.
11- The Catalan independent are against the values of the European Union, the values of peace, progress, rationality, cooperation among all the European countries, understanding and concord as the Catalan independent want to destroy the European Union by turning it into a mess of many small independent territories, each one hating each other, only interested on their own businesses and at war with the other European tribes, as it happened for many thousands of years on our continent.
12- The European Union was born to prevent new wars in Europe but the Catalan independent bring war and conflict into Europe again, this time by their extreme selfishness that wants to turn Europe into a continent filled with tribes, each one so racist and closed into itself that war against the other tribes is unavoidable, as it has happened for thousands of years in Europe. The Catalan independent are a menace to the existence of the European Union and their values of peace and working together all the European countries.
13- The European Union should forbid by law the existence of independence movements inside the UE countries, such the Catalan, as they want to destroy our European Union values. The Catalan independent are very selfish people, always the troublemaker kind, always asking more of everything, despite the fact that Catalonia is already the richer and with the most higher quality of life region of Spain, but the Catalan independent always want more of everything, they are sick of pride and selfishness, they are a bad race, a race of lunatics who should be jailed in an asylum or under psychiatrist treatment.
If they enter the European Union, they will corrupt it by their permanent new demands and they will always complain on how much taxes they pay to the European Union and they will refuse to pay money to the European Union, perverting the rules, the laws and the administration of our European Union. The European Union should never allow the entry of the Catalan independent into the UE as they are very conflict prone people, they bear inside them the vice of permanent conflict, against Spain, against France, against the European Union or against whosoever.
They are very demanding people always asking more of everything meanwhile they give nothing. They poison the environment where they settle, they have poisoned the every day in Spain and Catalonia, always believing they are a “ superior race” as compared with the other races and always thinking on themselves they deserve to get the best of the World in Catalonia because they are “ superior”. They have poisoned Spain and Catalonia and they will poison the European Union if you allow them to enter here. The Catalan independent mean a comeback to Prehistory, to primitivism in Politics where rational solutions are not accepted by them, a comeback to the tribes that populated Europe thousands of years ago, all of them hating each other and at war with the other tribes. The Catalan independent embody the values of selfishness, of tyranny of a few over the people to make money and control the country as the only owners of Catalonia, the triumph of manipulation of their own people, of their lies, of their racism and fanatical nationalism, the values of war and conflict as lifestyle, the values of invasion of other territories, of no democracy, of irrationality, of living in the past. If they become an European Union country, they will be a constant trouble for all the European Union citizens, always asking more money from the European Union and giving nothing, always refusing to obey the European Union laws that don’t suit them, always complaining on how much money the European Union steals to them and always doing only what suits to their interests and extreme selfishness meanwhile they spread hate and confusion all around Europe. The Catalan independent are a bad race, always unsatisfied, always very vicious people by their extreme selfishness, always wanting to be the best country of the World with the best equipments as they think they deserve it by being a “ superior race”, always trying to get the best of the World for them. We know very well how are the Catalan independentists here in Spain, it is time now that the European Union citizens know them and their real face. The selfishness of the Catalan independent is so monster-like that there is no comparison in the whole World. The Catalan independent are a bad sample for the World, which would be worse if the Catalan independent would rule it. It would mean the triumph of selfishness, fanaticism, racism and manipulation of the people. If Catalonia achieves some day its independence, it will be by fair play and decent means and not by the lies and the manipulation and the hate spread by the Catalan independentists. They are just a bunch of monsters stranded on the shorelines of Southern Europe since 1100 years ago thanks to the invasion of the Franks. Spain has tried since 500 years ago to appease the Catalan independentists, since 1978 Spain has recognized their right to keep their political institutions, language and culture.
Now the Catalan independent want more, as always, and Spain must defend the good, decent, honest Catalans from the claws of the Catalan independent. Most Catalans don’t want to be ruled by such fanatical, racists, liars, madmen who believe they are the owners of Catalonia but who really want to rule Catalonia just for their own profit.
Their values of racism, hate, no democracy, no respect for the minorities, fanatical nationalism, manipulation of the people, use of nazi tactics of propaganda, are absolutely not compatible with the values of the European Union. The Catalan Independent are very mafia-like people, they promote to the best positions in Catalonia those pals who are Catalan Independent like them, by this way they control most of the Catalonia public administration, universities, hospitals and public and private industries. The Catalan Independent hamper, by mafia-like tactics, that the Catalan who are not independentists could reach good positions at Catalonia, specially at the Catalan television TV 3 which the Catalan Independentists control since many years ago. The Catalan Independent protect those thieves and rascals who abound among them, as many Catalan Independent have become rich by stealing money to the Catalan government and to all the Catalans, but the Catalan Independent protect those rascals as most Catalan Independent want to do the same once Catalonia be an independent country, they want to become rich by stealing to the other Catalans as the Catalan Independent think on themselves they are the masters and owners of Catalonia and therefore they have the right to become rich and powerful once Catalonia be an independent country. Such Catalan independent seem to be like Sicilians as they behave very much by mafia–like styles. The Catalan Independent believe they are a “superior race” but in fact they are quite a very stupid race, as they lose once and once again, every war they raise against Spain.
The Catalan Independent have lost the last three wars they have raised against Spain: the war of Segadors, the war of Sucesion and the Civil War. Despite it, the Catalan independentists try once and once again, every century and generation after generation, to defy the Spanish Army which is too much big and powerful for them, but the Catalan independent insist century after century to try to gain a lost war against the Spanish Army. Now those Catalan independentists want to go to the war once again but the Spanish Army is too powerful for them and they will lose again this lost war.
The Spanish Army has the duty to defend the Spanish territory, by our Constitution of 1978 and will never allow the existence of an independent Catalonia, a territory which is part of Spain since ever and stolen by the Catalan independentists to all the Spaniards. If the Catalan Independent try to declare the Independence of Catalonia by their only side, the Spanish Army will occupy Catalonia for many years, with a situation very akin to the situation of Northern Ireland, with the British Army controlling that British territory and with many Catalan Independent, the most violent ones, turning to terrorism. The only hope that stands for the Catalan independent to build their Independent Catalonia is to leave this continent and to look for some vacant land at Patagonia, Yukon or the Amazonia and to try to found there a New Catalonia. The Catalan Independent are a sort of a lost barbaric tribe that have stood forgotten at a corner of Southern Europe for many centuries. The values of the Catalan Independent are at odds with the current values of the European Union, as the Catalan Independentists represent the primitive past of Europe, a past of war, hate and racism. Nobody in Europe wants to go backwards, only the Catalan Independent. The future of the European union is a future of peace, culture, civilization, understanding and freedom. The future wanted by the Catalan Independent is a future of many tribes around Europe hating each other, each tribe believing it is a “superior race” and ruling it by selfishness and lies. The European Union must decide soon if we want an Independent Catalonia in Europe or not. The Catalan Independent, so crazy as they are, say that they don’t mind if the European Union expels them from the civilized European nations.
The Catalan Independentists say that they will be like Albania, poor but independent, forgotten by Europe and left away, but they don’t mind. All the anthropologists know that when a conflict such this on Spain against Catalonia bursts, there is always a racial problem behind it. And indeed there is a racial problem here. The Catalan Independent are descendants of the Franks who invaded Catalonia 1100 years ago and they are not related, from a race point of view, with the Spaniards, whom they have always hated. It is impossible that the Spaniards and the Catalan Independent could get well along, they belong to different races and they are not compatible.
14 - The Catalan independent want to bring to their Independent Catalonia a new kind of democracy, an advanced one they say, and a new kind of economical system, a post-capitalist one they say. But in fact what they will bring to their Independent Catalonia will be just a bunch of old and outdated recipes, issued from XIX th Marxism and Nihilist Anarchism, nothing new at all and already tried in the past century with little success.
15 – The current Catalan Independent are a mix of old, traditional Catalan Independent who have always wanted the independence for Catalonia since 500 years ago, added to the new Catalan Independent who come from the far-left and who want to take advantage of this independence of Catalonia to force the Catalans to live under a far-left dictatorship, disguised as a new form of democracy and a new form of postcapitalism, although their Independent Catalonia will be just a far-left dictatorship. Those Catalan who belong to the far-left Catalan parties want to do a revolution in Catalonia, a revolution against Capitalism and against the current model of western democracy, but in fact what they will do is just a far-left dictatorship for Catalonia. Those far-left Catalans want to split the European Union, turning it into a mess of dozens of small independent countries, as Europe was 3.000 years ago before the coming of the Roman Empire.
16 – Those far-left Catalans want to destroy Spain, They want to destroy the Spaniard democracy, which is one of the most advanced democracy in the World, and want to destroy the Spaniard Constitution (which is too one of the most democratic Constitutions in the World). The far-left Catalans want to destroy Spain by civil disobedience towards the Spaniard laws and taxes and by sinking the Spaniard economy.
It must be said that the Independent Catalans are nowadays the most evil race in the World, they are very selfish, very liars, very racist, very wicked and they want to destroy Spain and the Spaniard democracy.

17 – The European Union should intervene in Catalonia to control the Catalan Independent and to bring peace to this territory, which belongs to Spain and to the European Union.  

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