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19 de juny 2015

Letter to X

Dear X,
Thank you for writing to me to ask for Catalan objects for the new Museum of European History that the European Parliament is promoting.
I haven't been able to find the article you refer to, but I have visited their website.

To read the rest of this letter, please click below, on "Més informació"

To be quite honest, an institution that from the beginning has announced it will exclude the language of 9 million EU citizens does not deserve any support from me in a search for objects.
Europe has turned a blind eye to the rights of the Catalans too often (in the Treaty of Utrecht, in the destruction of one of the great libraries of Europe in the Napoleonic war, in the aerial bombing of Catalan cities in the Spanish civil war, during the Primi de Rivera dictatorial and the Franco regime's repression).
Not only in the past: and now it is doing the same in the face of the shocking, undemocratic actions of the Spanish government against the will of a large majority of Catalans to decide our political future, and against those civil society organisations pursuing this aim with a view to Catalonia becoming a member if the EU in its own right. 
I am sorry to seem annoyed. I am not. I am furious, not least because of the politically correct, but democratically undefensible, silence on the part of the leaders of the civilised world. If they want a list of aggressions, I can send it to them.
But I warn them that it is very long, and they will probably not give credit to some of its contents.
Nothing personal, X! But today I read about the latest threats.
First, a totally unjustified €300,000 to €600,000 fine on the two private organisations campaigns for our independence by democratic means.
Second, the Spanish primer minister's threat to ban the 27 September election in Catalonia if it is announced as "plebiscitary" or if the slightest mention is made of the word "sovereignty". It is he who has refused to authorize a referendum and has spent the last three years further alienating even the mildest of Catalans. But the opposition offers no credible solution either.
Best wishes,

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