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1 de des. 2018

Amnesty International's letter to Sànchez and Cuixart, 26/11/2018

Amnesty International's open letter to Messrs. Sànchez and Cuixart expressing their support and solidarity.

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Ref: EUR GeCo/41/2018/001

Mr Jordi Sànchez and Mr Jordi Cuixart
Centre Penitenciari LIedoners: Mòdul 2
C-55, km 37,
08250, Sant Joan de Vilatorrada (Bages).

26 November 2018

Dear Mr Cuixart and Mr Sànchez, 

On behalf of Amnesty International - an independent organization working impartially since 1961 on human rights concerns in 150 countries all over the world - we would like to express our support and solidarity in relation with the unfair situation you and your families are living now. We are deeply concerned drat more than a year has passed since your arrest and still you are detained. This is a situation that we consider unjustifiable; that we have denounced internationally and that we will continue to denounce until you are released and the charges of rebellion and sedition are withdrawn. In our public communication we have stated also that if the authorities consider there are grounds to bring charges in common with preventing police from carrying out their lawful operations, that could be prosecuted as a public order offence, but would not justify a year's pre-trial detention and me rebellion and sedition charges you are facing.

As you know, two days after your detention, Amnesty International called on Spanish authorities to drop the charges of sedition and to put an immediate end to your pre-trial detention. We consider that your pre-trial detention is an excessive and disproportionate measure that violates your right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. As we did then, we highlight that the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly includes the possibility of individuals and civil society organizatons to express their opinions about the independence referendum at any time, whether individually or collectively, including in the context of public assemblies.

In the coming months, the oral hearings of the trial will begin: we will monitor these to assess whether fair trial guarantees are fulfilled.

Our organization, specially from our offices in Barcelona, Madrid and London, will keep undertaking actions that we hope could have a positive impact on your cases. We want to convey to you and your families our hope that your release will be granted as soon as possible. We hope to meet you soon.

Yours sincerely,

Fotis Filippou
Campaigns Director - Europe Regional Office

Esteban Beltrán
Director of Amnesty International - Spanish Section

Adriana Ribas
Coordinator of Amnesty International Cataluña


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