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6 de nov. 2018

Joan Queralt, on the letter from Lesmes: "It is more frightening than it seems"

Translation by M.S. of a report on Joan Queralt's opinion about the letter from judge Lesmes: "It is more frightening than it seems".
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1 October case

Queralt, on the letter from Lesmes: "It is more frightening than it seems"

El Nacional
Sunday, November 4, 2018

Jurist Joan Queralt has reacted to the farewell letter from Carlos Lesmes, the president of the Supreme Court, to the judge of Court 13, to which El Nacional has had access. Queralt has pointed out that "it is more frightening than it seems". This letter, according to the jurist,  explains "in all rawness, the meaning of the constitutional mandate of the judge, 'subjected directly to the empire of the law'".

He said this through his Twitter account, where he quotes article 117.1 of the Spanish Constitution. "Justice emanates from the people and is administered on behalf of the King by judges and magistrates that make up the judiciary, which is independent, unmovable, responsible and subjected only to the empire of the law", the article lays down. 

The jurist does not stop there. He considers that "Lesmes does not represent anybody other than those that put him where he is, at the head of the General Council of the Judiciary" and that "he builds a model of a judge that has nothing to do with a lawful State". 

For Queralt, this letter is yet more unambiguous evidence more than, from the highest posts, "the game is being played against the referee".

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