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2 de nov. 2018

Council for the Republic

Here is an English version (by M.R.) of the instructions to sign up for the Register of the Council for the [Catalan] Republic.
Click here if need be

Original text:

Anyone accepting the principles detailed on the document which shows up on step #2 of the signing up process can sign up for the Council for the Republic. So the following may sign up for it:
  • All the citizens of the Catalan Countries, regardless of the citizenship they already have (Andorran, Spanish, French, or any other one) and regardless of their legal situation in the country
  • All Catalan citizens abroad, regardless of their citizenship and their place of residence
  • All people from any part of the world who have an interest for Catalonia and accepting the principles detailed in the attached document, thus opening a way that is similar to the Estonian e-citizenship.

The Council for the Republic will use this census for all its electoral (elections to the Representatives Assembly) and referendum procedures. In each case people with the right to vote will have the appropriate relation with the topic of the respective vote. For instance, only those living in each town will vote on local issues, while in the Representatives' Assembly, all registered people will vote.

To sign up for the citizens' register of the Council for the Republic you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to the website and click on the 'Registre' button. 

2. Click on 'Alta'. 

3. Write your e-mail. After doing so, you will receive in your inbox the instructions to go ahead with the signing up process.

4. Create a password. The email you will have received in your inbox will include a link. By clicking on it, this screen will open. You must create the password you please, which will later allow you to take part in the Council for the Republic. Click on 'Genera contrasenya'. [We recommend you use a passwords at least 10 characters long, containing letters, number and punctuation marks]

 5. Sign up for the Council. You will see a screen detailing which are the principles of republican citizenship. If you agree with them, you must write your first name, family name and email address and click on the lower button, which has a text that starts with 'Em comprometo…' (I undertake...). Note it is explicitly stated there that the register has no territorial boundaries. This means any citizen living in the Catalan Countries may sign up to it, regardless of his/her current citizenship; any Catalan living abroad, regardless of his/her citizenship; and, in actual fact, any person acknowledging and accepting these principles.

6. Fill in your personal data. You must fill the data identifying you. If you are a minor, you must write in the first field your legal tutor's email or that of one of your parents. Rest of people need only to fill the rest of data in. 'Número ID' means the identity card number, and 'estat emissor' means the State to which that document belongs (Andorra, Spain, France, or others). This means if you have an ID, let's say, from Brazil, you must write that number and choose 'Brazil' from the pull-down menu. If you sign up not with your ID but with your passport number additional data will be required.

7. Payment of ten euros or a different amount. This money is paid only once and is used to pay for the computer infrastructure needed to draw the census up. You may also pay a bigger amount if you wish to.

 8. Validation screen. With this screen the register confirms you have been validated in the Republic's census. Later on, when elections must be made to the Representatives Assembly or the debates and votings start, you will be required one more step in order to vote. Directions for this step will arrive in your inbox as from December next.

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