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2 d’oct. 2017


As a European Citizen, I am ashast, ashamed, scandalised at the Commission's position.

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844 European Citizens were treated by the medical services after brutal, unprecedented and Spanish riot police attacks on Catalan voters, queueing up quietly to vote YES or NO to a referendum in accordance with a law adopted by an absolute majority of the Catalan Parliament.

Under the Spanish Constitution, yesterday's vote in Catalonia was not legal. Bullshit. It was legal. A Catalan Parliament Law governs it! And the Spanish Constitution does not establish what is «legal» and what is «illegal». That is for the Criminal and other codes to establish!
For the European Commission, as President Juncker has reiterated repeatedly, this is an internal matter for Spain that has to be dealt with in line with the constitutional order of Spain. I don’t care what «has to be dealt with». It hasn’t been, for years and years. Spain has subscribed to international treaties that it is bound by the Constitution to respect.
We also reiterate the legal position held by this Commission as well as by its predecessors. Wonderful! In other words, nothing happened at all yesterday.
If a referendum were to be organised in line with the Spanish Constitution it would mean that the territory leaving would find itself outside of the European Union. Wow! Now even ORGANISING a referendum would find «itself» outside of the European Union. I take careful note, when the day comes to decide whether there is any point in defending the EU any more.
We call on all relevant players to now move very swiftly from confrontation to dialogue. Terrific! Husband beats wife. Wife asks for a divorce. Husband beats wife for even TRYING to tell him she wants a divorce. Wife says she’s sick and tired of calling for dialogue for years and years, without the slightest response. And here comes the European Commission to tell people to move very swiftly?
Violence can never be an instrument in politics. Big deal! Who are you saying this to: «All relevant players»? (a) The Catalan independence movement has never used or incited violence, or anything other than peaceful democratic means to achieve its aim, that most noble of aims that any people can aspire to: independence. (b) The Catalan Government gave strict orders to its police not to provoke any breach of peace. They were SO restrained that I understand that at least six complaints have been lodged before the courts for their NOT using violence to confiscate the ballot boxes and votes. (c) Am I to take it that Spain has ALREADY told Spain to send all the police reinforcements back home, including the troop ships?
We trust the leadership of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to manage this difficult process in full respect of the Spanish Constitution and of the fundamental rights of citizens enshrined therein. FIRE! All the world’s firemen know who is responsible for all this. And the Commission trusts the «leadership of Mariano Rajoy», giving the biggest arsonist in European politics a cigarette lighter?

P.S. Did the Spanish government write this for you in Spanish or in English?

See videos on police brutality on October 1 outside polling stations:  http://estudiscatalans.blogspot.com/2017/10/policebrutality.html

See OSCE/HCHR appeal: http://www.osce.org/odihr/347171

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