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12 de nov. 2012

Papers from the 5th EUNoM Symposium / Ponències del 5è Simposi EUNoM 14-15/5/2012

ICT, e-Learning and languages / TIC, aprenentatge virtual i llengües
Barcelona, 14-15/5/2012

* = keynote speaker / ponent principal

Miquel Strubell i Teresa Sancho
Inauguration / Inauguració

Maria Badia MEP /(Eurodiputada)
Address / Parlament

Linnar Viik*
Intercultural communication and ICT in the management of multicultural organizations

Taija Swanstrom i Heidi Rontu
Using Virtual Worlds in Language Learning

Orsolya Hegedüs i Ildiko Pšenáková
Using ICT in foreign language training for future teachers in linguistically mixed areas

Norbert Pachler*
Mobile-assisted language learnin

Anouk Gelan 
Intercultural communication in the Meuse-Rhine Euregio

Montse Vall-llovera i Maite Puigdevall*
El multilingüisme en l'educació a distància : el cas de la UOC Algunes experiències multilingües a l'aula virtual / Multilingualism in distance learning : the case of the U.O.C.
Some multilingual experiences in the virtual classroom

Jochen Rehbein
Integration of computer-assisted linguistic analysis of authentic discourse into the teaching of multilingualism

Cor Van der Meer*
New Media for Multilingualism : Practice and Research Questions

Melinda Ann Dooly
I can even kite-surf! : Student-Teachers Engaged in ‘Network Learning’

Tünde Dokus*
Information and Communication Technologies in Language Teaching

Tenesoya Pawlowky

Sònia Prats i Enric Serra*
Adapting to e-learning : The experience of the Language Service at the UAB

Daniel Cunliffe
Miquel Strubell
Acte final / Closing words.
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