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3 de març 2022

Letter to Europe / Carta a Europa

Letter to Europe

I am widely regarded as a very calm person. And that’s obviously not thanks to European values, but I embrace them so fully. In fact, if you look at my family background, you’ll see that I have English blood, German blood, Catalan blood, and a bit of Italian blood. So that makes me a good candidate to be a true European. Indeed, my parents can reinforce that impression because my father fought in the Second World War against the Nazis, and my mother’s Catalan family had to flee into exile at the end of the Civil War. So there’s further evidence of what ought to be an extremely firm commitment to Europe.

But there is a problem. And that problem is not mine. It’s Europe’s. Because four years ago, the European Council, the European Commission, and the European Parliament, in a most disgraceful way, let down millions of Catalans who aspire to something which is perfectly legitimate, and that is self-determination. Now, self-determination is not a whim; it is in the United Nation’s International Covenant on Human Rights. So, as you can imagine, the fact that all three European Union organisations let down the Catalans is for me -and I dare say for millions of others- a disgraceful relinquishment of European values under the pressure of what can only really be defined as a true bully State, the kingdom of Spain. Indeed, the Catalans have been the victims of Spanish bullying for the better part of four centuries.

Now, when is it going to stop? When is Europe going to wake up and live up to its dream? Please remember that the English and the Dutch let down Catalonia in the War of the Reapers in the 17th century ending up with Catalonia being split up in two. Neither can it be forgotten that the Treaty of Utrecht further maimed the Catalans and led them into a period of absolute repression in which even kitchen knives had to be chained to the kitchen table. And then later on in the 20th century when yet again England and France’s non-intervention allowed the Axis countries, and particularly the Italians, to bomb Barcelona in a frightful way and pave the way to forty years of Franco rule against the Catalan people.

So all of this is a small contribution from one sole European citizen who, like millions of others, wants to see his country freed so that it can continue to make valuable contributions to World Peace, like Pau Casals, to World Art, like Joan Miró, and to World Science and Technology, like Josep Trueta. And I hope that will come true sooner than later. 

Thank you for your attention.

Miquel Strubell Trueta

Palamós, February 28th 2022.

Carta a Europa

Se m’acostuma a veure com una persona molt tranquil·la. I això, és clar, no és gràcies als valors europeus, encara que els accepti plenament. De fet, si mireu els meus antecedents familiars, veureu que tinc sang anglesa, sang alemanya, sang catalana i una mica de sang italiana. Això em converteix en un bon candidat per ser un autèntic europeu. I els meus pares poden reforçar aquesta impressió perquè el pare va lluitar a la Segona Guerra Mundial contra els nazis i la família catalana de la meva mare va haver de fugir a l'exili al final de la Guerra Civil. Més proves, doncs, del que hauria de ser un compromís extremadament ferm amb Europa.

Però hi ha un problema. I no el tinc jo, el problema; és Europa qui el té. Perquè fa quatre anys, el Consell Europeu, la Comissió Europea i el Parlament Europeu van defraudar de manera vergonyosa i terrible milions de catalans que aspiren a una cosa perfectament legítima; l'autodeterminació. L'autodeterminació no és un caprici, està al Pacte Internacional de Drets Humans de les Nacions Unides. Així, com us podeu imaginar, el fet que les tres organitzacions de la Unió Europea hagin defraudat els catalans és per a mi, i m'atreveixo a parlar en nom de milions de persones, una renúncia absolutament repugnant als valors europeus sota la pressió del que només pot ser definit com un autèntic Estat assetjador, el regne d’Espanya. De fet, Espanya assetja els catalans des de fa gairebé quatre segles.

Quan s'aturarà, tot això? Quan es despertarà Europa i es convertirà en allò que molts havíem somiat? Si us plau, recordeu que tant els anglesos com els holandesos van defraudar Catalunya a la Guerra dels Segadors del segle XVII i van acabar dividint Catalunya en dos. No oblideu que el Tractat d'Utrecht va mutilar encara més el país dels catalans i els va portar a un període de repressió despietada on fins i tot els ganivets domèstics havien d’encadenar-se a la taula de la cuina. Això es va repetir al segle XX, quan altra vegada la no intervenció d'Anglaterra i França va permetre que els països de l'Eix, i especialment els italians, bombardegessin Barcelona d'una manera espantosa.

El que escric no és més que la petita aportació que fa un sol ciutadà europeu que, com milions d'altres, vol veure alliberat el seu país perquè pugui continuar fent contribucions valuoses a la pau, com Pau Casals, a l'art, com Joan Miró, i al món de la ciència i la tecnologia, com Josep Trueta. I espero que això es faci realitat més aviat que tard. 

Moltes gràcies per la vostra atenció.

Miquel Strubell Trueta

Palamós, 28 de febrer de 2022.

5 de febr. 2022

Reproduction of Spanish nationalist Francisco Caja's letter (4 FEB 2022)

This 2011 letter shows the extremely nationalistic views of the leader of an organisation purportedly devoted to defending the values of the 1978 Constitution, but who dream of a return of the status of Catalan language BEFORE that Constitution, linking up to Franco's policies.

 Click here  if need be to access the whole text.

2 de gen. 2022

Nothing Happens, by Gonzalo Boye (19 NOV 2021)

A scathing attack, case by case, on lawfare in Spain's top courts by lawyer Gonzalo Boyé, one of its victims.
English translation by M.S., authorised by the author.
Click here  if need be to access the whole text.

1 de gen. 2022

What I think about Covid-19

1. The initial outbreak in Wuhan, very close to a laboratory specialising in studying coronavirus, was accidental. There is no plandemic. The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation and and Global Business Network report, Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, is not a road map written by the world's elite..

2. This does not mean to say that some people have not made a repugnant fortune thanks to the pandemic, both withi and wiyhout the pharmaceutical industry.

3. The initial closedowns in March 2020 were probably inevitable, and were probably too late: tens of thousands more people than in the year before died in Spain in March and April, and thousands more from August to December.
4. The initial kneejerk reactions in most countries therefore proved to be justified, all the more so because of the precedent of the deadly Ebola coronavirus outbreak.

5. The medical profession soon discovered why so many - especially elderly - people died at the ICU / ventilator stage, and treatment has steadily improved, particularly in countries with good facilities.

6. The belief that seeking herd immunity was a good strategy came at a very heavy cost in deaths in, for instance, Sweden.
Country Cases Deaths Date Population  Cases/100,000

Iceland 18,333 35 4/12/2021 366,425 5,003 10
Norway 275,746 1,093 4/12/2021 5,379,000 5,126 20
Finland 191,226 1,360 4/12/2021 5,531,000 3,457 25
Denmark 509,111 2,946 6/12/2021 5,831,000 8,731   51
Sweden 1,212,145 


7. The greater the proportion of vaccinated people, the smaller the probability of new variants appearing.

8. It seems clear that the clinical trials of the Phizer vaccine, at least, revealed deaths, and that this fact was hidden. 

9. In my experience, while accepting that the risks of the vaccine are smaller than those of the Covid-19 virus, no information is given to the patient at the vaccination centre.
10. The booster jab increases many times the level of antibodies.  

11. Unlike Oxford-Astrazeneca, who sell at cost price, the other laboratories are making obscene profits. https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/pfizer-moderna-raises-prices-its-covid-19-vaccines-eu-ft-2021-08-01/

12. It is clear that the medical profession is extremely tired. If large-scale sickness leaves are granted, the situation will get much worse (given, also, the shortage of nurses in the Catalan health system.

13. The claim that variants and mutations of the Covid-19 virus are the fault of the vaccinated is unfounded. Variants were detected almost immediately. https://graphics.reuters.com/HEALTH-CORONAVIRUS/EVOLUTION/yxmpjqkdzvr/.
14. Claims that more vaccinated people are getting hospitalized, ICU'ed or dying, than the unvaccinated, fail to take into account that in most groups the number of unvaccinated people is much, much smaller.
Look at the 50-59 age group. Only 6.2% have NOT been vaccinated. Yet in this group, they account for 63.8% of hospitalized people,  58.3% of those in ICUs, and 58.3% of the deaths. The unvaccinated are grossly overrepresented in each case. If you look at the totals for each ailment, the same occurs. Only in the "Deaths" is the overrepresentation slender.
15. I am in no way convinced that there is a link between the pandemic - or health in general, once basic safety measures are in placd - and the 5-G network.

16. Similarly, a great deal of noise has been made about a claim that vaccines contain graphene oxide. Without denying the chance that there may have been a particular batch of vaccine with a manfacturing defect, I am not convinced about this claim, which independent analysts could easily have been confirmed.
17. There is a serious issue regarding private and public health, and fundamental rights. In order to save (thousands of) lives, what restrictions are justifiable in the population as a whole, or in particular professions or segments?

17. This issue acquires greater importance given that the Òmicron variants, first feared as a threat, is beginning to be seen as an opportunity. Inasmuch as it leads to very few hospitalizations, letting it free (as Israel may do) may greatly accelerate the atattainment of herd immunity, worldwide.

18. At the same time, the reduced effectiveness of vaccines against this variant reinforces the view that passports and restrictions in general make less sense.



"Although Sweden started its COVID-19 vaccination campaign later than other countries, as of November 2021, its vaccine coverage is similar to that of the U.S. and the U.K. There is no evidence that the low number of COVID-19 cases in Sweden is due to herd immunity rather than vaccination, which scientific evidence has shown to reduce COVID-19 transmission. There is no evidence supporting the claim that COVID-19 vaccines lead to more dangerous variants. The evidence from clinical trials and the monitoring of vaccination campaigns show that COVID-19 vaccines are effective at reducing COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths."